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UK Online Safety Act ‘Unsuited’ to Sophisticated Generative AI

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A recent report outlines that the existence of terrorist generative AI chatbots could potentially pose a major threat whether they are made for shock value, experimentation or even satire.

“The new Online Safety Act is unsuited to sophisticated generative AI,” the report stated.

UK Online Safety Act Potential Downfall Against Generative AI

A recent report highlights a growing concern about the increasing potential threat posed by terrorist-influenced chatbots. The recent enactent of the online safety act in the UK came into effect within the last six months. However, advocates are pushing for the implementation of new laws to tackle the threat.

“Only human beings can commit terrorism offences and it is hard to identify a person who could, in law, be responsible for chatbot-generated statements that encourage terrorism, or for making statements that invite support for a proscribed organization under the Terrorism Act 2000.”

However, the suggestion arose that chatbots will continue to gain strength, prompting the necessity for laws to actively intervene.

“If malicious or misguided individuals persist in training terrorist chatbots, then new laws will be needed,” the report further states.

BeInCrypto recently reported that Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, underscored the potential dangers of AI, stating a stark warning at a senate hearing:

““There’s some chance – above zero – that AI will kill us all. I think it’s low but there’s some chance.”

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UK Online Safety Act Could Impose Significant Fines

In October 2023, the UK Parliament approved the Online Safety Bill.

This landmark legislation is lauded as the most potent child protection law in a generation.

Meanwhile Metaverse platforms will face rigorous scrutiny, with stringent penalties for non-compliance, particularly concerning illegal content.

The Bill mandates swift action on illicit content, making social media platforms accountable for the material they host.

Non-compliance could result in fines of billions of pounds, with company executives potentially facing prison time. These provisions also extend to the metaverse.

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