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Saga Airdrop Coming Ahead of Blockchain Launch—Here’s Who Is Eligible

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Saga—an upcoming blockchain protocol that allows developers to launch their own “chainlets”—has revealed who will be eligible for the planned public airdrop of its SAGA token.

Not to be confused with the Solana Saga phone, Saga is a gaming-focused crypto tech firm that’s about to launch its own mainnet. Saga cofounder Jin Kwon shared in a post that while “snapshots” have already been taken to determine most of the general public’s eligibility, aspiring genesis airdrop recipients will be able to participate in a future “Play-to-Airdrop” tournament series.

But first, who’s already entitled to participate?

Because some of Saga’s underlying tech was built with the Cosmos blockchain’s software development kit (SDK), crypto traders who have staked at least 25 ATOM—Cosmos’ token—between April 2023 and October 2023 will be included in the Saga community airdrop. According to Kwon’s post, traders who increased their amount of staked ATOM by more than 30% during that time period will see more SAGA tokens airdropped than those who didn’t.

Saga is also including those who have staked over 23 TIA tokens (native token of Celestia) between November and December 2023 in its community airdrop. Like Cosmos, Saga is also using tech from Celestia to launch its blockchain offerings.

Saga will additionally include any wallets that staked more than 300 MATIC on Polygon or moved more than 0.4 ETH through Polygon’s zkEVM bridge between April and October 2023. And any wallets that staked any denomination of Avalanche’s AVAX token between April and October of last year will also be included in the airdrop, according to Kwon’s post. 

Traders who haven’t done any of the above aren’t out of luck just yet—Saga also plans to run game tournaments that will grant select players access to the airdrop. Players who make the tournament leaderboard cutoffs will be eligible for the airdrop, Saga cofounder and CEO Rebecca Liao told Decrypt via email.

No specific dates for Saga’s airdrop have been revealed, but it’s likely to occur sometime within the first half of this year. Saga also previously shared details back in October on its “Innovators” airdrop eligibility for those using its products. 

A key caveat is that U.S. citizens and residents aren’t eligible for any of Saga’s airdrops, Liao confirmed to Decrypt via email. For its airdrop, Saga will release a “geo-gated” claims page at a later date and share it through its official Twitter account. Users will have to be careful to verify that they’re looking at the authentic Saga Twitter account and claims page, however, and not impersonators looking to swipe user funds.

It’s important to be extremely wary of airdrop scams asking users to click on Twitter ad links or connect wallets to sites, as airdrop scams and other types of email or web-based token scams have become increasingly common.

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